60 Minute One on One

60 Minute One on One

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My name is Erin and I am the founder and CEO E-Com Era.

My company owns and operates several drop shipping websites in the ever-expanding world of E-commerce. 

My pursuit of freedom was the driving force to start my journey with drop shipping. After working in a corporate job that wasn’t serving my goals for many years, I decided to make a change and take a chance.

I went all in and since embarking on this journey my life has changed, and my stores have retailed over a million dollars in the last 12 months.

This one on one will be hosted for one hour, I can directly address any questions or concerns that you may have for me. This is a one on one call for those that are just getting started or are interested in learning more about drop shipping.

Every call will be centered around getting started on your journey and how to increase the traffic and sales in your store.

Having a mentor was an excellent tool for me when I was first getting started as an entrepreneur. The difference a face-to-face relationship can make is a game changer. Having the opportunity to ask my own questions and get specific answers pertaining to my business directly influenced the speed at which I traversed my path to success. So, avoid the silly mistakes I made (and there have been a few) and join a community of other business owners on the path to financial fitness and flexibility with your time!

You can choose anytime you like Tuesday to Thursday from 11am-4pm.