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Who is this for? 
Beginners Who Want To Learn How To Build A Business From Home
Can Use This Guide To Start No Matter What Your Skill Level Is Or Where You Live In The World. It's Also For Business Owners And Creators Who Want To
Learn How To Find Customers And Generate Sales On A Small Marketing Budget

What Will You Learn? 

This Is The First Step In Your Entrepreneurship Journey

A Step-by-Step Guide To Build The Infrastructure Of Your E-Commerce Business And How I've Been Able To Generate 70,000 Orders (And Counting)
Without Paying For Ads. 
  • 700+ Business Idea Prompts & Niche Topics
  • 200 Pinterest Templates
  • 200 Instagram Templates
  • 25 Email Templates
  • 25 Youtube Covers
  • Branding Guide
  • Hashtag Strategies
  • How To Use Pinterest
  • How To Hook Your Audience
  • 500+ Content Prompts To
  • How To Effectively Tell Your Story
  • How Influencers Helped Can Generate Millions
  • Affiliate Programs 
  • Forced Engagement
  • Email Funnels
  • Direct Messaging & Human Based Sales
  • Psychology & Marketing
  • Short Form Video
  • Market Research
  • Niche Selection
  • Why People Buy
  • Marketing Automation
  • How To Save Over 20k On Marketing Cost
  • How I Got My Store Featured In A Major Publication
  • How To Generate Passive Income With Email
  • How To Grow Your Followers By 10k-100k This Year
  • Get More Email Opens
  • How To Leverage A Call To Action
  • How To Negotiate With A Content Creator
  • The Contracts You Need
  • Setting Realistic Objectives
  • How To Build An Army Of Affiliates - For Free
  • Ways To Find Content Creators
  • How To Audit A Content Creator
  • A Personal Brand Verses A Retail Business
  • How The Algorithms Pushes Content
  • Where To Learn Paid Ads For Free
  • How To Manage Your Affiliate Program
  • How To Retarget Using Email
  • How To Get The Attention Of
  • How To Get The Attention Of GenZ And Millennials
  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Social Media Management 
  • Customer Service
  • Email Management
  • Scouting & Content Creator Managers
  • Identify Your Competitors
  • Outsource And Hiring
  • Retargeting Strategies 
  • How To Write Your Business Plan
  • How To Open Your Business In Less Than 30 DaysH
  • How To Build A Shopify Store 
  • Supplier List With Over 100+ Manufacturing Partnerships
  • Understand The World Of  E-commerce
  • How To Bring Your Business Idea To Market
  • How To Design Your Supply Chain
  • Templates For Customer Service
  • American Manufacturers
  • Uk Manufactures 
  • Canadian Manufacturers
  • Drop-shipping Suppliers
  • Print On Demand Suppliers 
  • Private Label Suppliers
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Amazon Fba Sourcing
  • Bulk And Wholesaler Suppliers High End Manufacturers 
  • Affordable Solutions For Sourcing
  • Pros And Cons Of Sourcing Supplies
  • How To Build This Business From Anywhere In The World
  • How To Turn Customer Service Into Your Secret Weapon
  • Reduce Expenses With After Purchase Support
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