E-Commerce Starter Pack - The Ultimate Beginners Guide
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E-Commerce Starter Pack - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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👇 You are about to do what most can't... Take Action 👇
This all in one includes:
✅ Your Business Plan Check List 
✅ The Survival Guide for E-Commerce Beginners
✅ The Social Media Audit For Your Business
✅ Over 100 Content Ideas to Get You Your First 1000 Followers
✅ A One on One Business Strategy Consultation with Erin

The Business Plan Cheat Sheet: 

Have you been wondering "Where do I even start?" when it comes to opening up an online store?

I have put together this cheat sheet to get you ready to write your business plan and finally take the leap and get started. If you needed a place to get you motivated and give you the exact steps to make this dream happen, then here it is. 

This will break down all the things you need to consider to start your E-Commerce business. We will also provide a step by step guide on writing a professional business plan that will keep your brand consistent and even help you pitch to investors.

We divulge some industry secrets, manufacturing partnerships and much more. This is the best nine dollars your business will ever write off for tax purposes. (Oh ya, we talk about that too and the legal requirements for running an E-Commerce store)

The E-Commerce Survival Guide:

Exploring a new frontier is always going to be a little tricky, especially if you find yourself stumbling around in the dark. What you need is a compass; a sense of direction to take your next steps with confidence...

If you don't know me, my name is Erin. I was tired of being tied down by the constraints of my employer. I wanted my income to reflect the effort I was willing to put in. I wanted the freedom to work not only when I wanted, but where I wanted.

In 2019 I made the decision to quit my job, launch an E-Commerce business, and travel fulltime in a RV. In just ONE YEAR, my online stores retailed for over 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS - without a fortune spent on paid ads!

My Survival Guide contains over 30 pages that are crammed with the things I wish I knew when I started:





I wrote this Survival Guide from my personal experience as an entrepreneur. The strategies I recommend are the same strategies I adopted and continue to follow to grow my business. I made plenty of mistakes along the way so that you don't have to. The only catch? A strong work ethic is required, and it's not included!

The Instagram Audit:

Why Your Brand's Instagram Deserves a Facelift

Included: The cheat sheet you'll need to audit your own social media account and get down to the real reason you aren't making money. 

You’ve already spent too much time (your most precious resource), and money, (valuable mostly due to the time you spent to earn it), on marketing strategies that just don’t seem to perform as advertised for your business.

Perhaps you’ve already made the shift to an online strategy, perhaps you’ve already chosen a social media platform – or perhaps you’ve spread yourself too thin on all of them.

Whatever your situation, rest easy, you’ve come to the right place. Without spending another second on attention-grabbing banter, let’s get down to it: The path to marketing success is a razor-thin wire that must be walked with extreme focus. So, let’s begin by honing your attention to the only social media platforms that deserve it today: Instagram & TikTok.

The One - One Consultation With Erin

Brainstorm your business ideas with Erin, for thirty minutes we will work together to answer any questions you are stuck on and strategize your next move. This zoom call can be just the push you need to get the courage to take the next step. 

Erin Specializes in:
Social Media Marketing 
Website Builds
Manufacturing Partnerships
Passive Income Ideas
Affiliate Marketing
Personal Development

After building a seven figure empire of my own, let me help you avoid some set backs in your pursuit of financial and time freedom.

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